Who we are

The Cyprus Medicines Verification Organization (CyMVO) was established in February 2017 as a non-profit legal entity with Main Members the Cyprus Association of Pharmaceutical Research and Development Companies (KEFEA) and the Pancyprian Association of Generic Medicines Manufacturers (PASYPAGEF). Affiliate Members are, the Cyprus Pharmaceutical Association (CPA), the Pharmaceutical Services of the Ministry of Health, the Association of Cyprus Pharmaceutical Companies (SFEK), the parallel importer Krinera Ltd and the pharmaceutical wholesalers MEFAL, KEDIFAP and Blue Pharmacies. Director of the CyMVO is Mr. Arthur Isseyegh.

The basic mandate of KOEF is to create and effectively implement the Cyprus Drug Verification System (CyMVS), to support all the entities that have the obligation to implement it and to continuously monitor its operation, so as to bring about the desired results. The statutes for the establishment of the KOEF include, among others, actions such as, the organizing of lectures, workshops, seminars, conferences, for training the stakeholders and raising public awareness.

Quality Statement

CyMVO acknowledges its responsibility for safety of medicines within Cyprus. Therefore, the CyMVO will ensure the implementation of a national medicines verification system that complies with the Falsified Medicines Directive and the Delegated Regulation. The CyMVO strives to a continuously available and easy-to-use system by improving its quality management processes

Quality objectives

Quality objectives are established to implement the quality policy and to continuously improve the quality management system and the quality performance. The following section describes the quality objectives, based on the Quality Policy that was defined. The quality objectives take the goal(s) stated in the Quality Policy and turn these into statements for improvement against which plans can be made.

  • A fully operational CyMVS system will be up and running before the 1st of February 2019.
  • 100% of the national pharmacies and wholesalers on-boarded before the 1st of February 2019.
  • CyNMVS up and running 95% of the time before January 2021.
  • QMS will be 100% revised, setup and operational before the 1st of February 2019.
  • CyMVO personnel are trained in accordance to QMS procedures and policies. The records for all the training programs and the assessments are kept in the personal file of each employee.
  • The duties of each employee are defined in job descriptions, roles and responsibilities and there is an updated Organizational chart (see CyMVO-0021).
  • Internal Audits are conducted in order to assess compliance with the requirements of the quality system. Internal Audits are performed periodically based on a prearranged program. All Audits are recorded. The records contain all the observations made during the inspections and when applicable, suggestions for corrective measures and action taken (see CyMVO-0022 Audit Management).
  • Equipment are designed, located and maintained accordingly to its intended use. Appropriate precautions are taken during and maintenance or repair in order to prevent any hazard to the quality, efficacy and operation of the equipment,
  • All GxP process and systems are validated and maintained according to regulations,
  • GDPR legislation requirements are defined and implemented across all organization operations.