Pharmaceutical Services

The Pharmaceutical Services provide secretarial support to the Drugs Council, which is the competent regulatory, decision making body, for the implementation of the Laws and Regulations for pharmaceutical products. The purpose of the Drugs Council and of the Pharmaceutical Services is to ensure the Safety, Quality and Efficacy for all pharmaceutical products marketed in Cyprus and in doing so, to protect Public Health.

The implementation of the Laws and Regulations on pharmaceutical products is achieved, inter alia, by regulating the following:

  • Licensing of Pharmaceuticals,
  • Licensing of Wholesalers,
  • Pharmacovigilance,
  • Advertising,
  • Price setting for Pharmaceuticals,
  • Inspections of wholesalers and manufacturers of pharmaceutical products in Cyprus.

The Drugs Council and the Pharmaceutical Services being the Regulatory Authority in Cyprus for pharmaceuticals will have both a supervisory and a regulatory role to play in the implementation of the legal framework for falsified pharmaceutical products. . It is expected that the cooperation between KOEΦ and the Pharmaceutical Services will be benevolent and continuous, aiming at jointly combating the scourge of falsified medicines and protecting patients.

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