End-User Registration Form

Notes on the registration process

Read carefully the application completion guide to know how to avoid common mistakes when completing. The application completion guide is available for download from the KOΕΦ website by following the link here. The online application should be completed in one session. It is not possible to save a partially completed application and return to it at some other time. We recommend that you allow at least 15 minutes for completing the application form.

The online application should be completed by a person who will be designated as the System User for your business. The final step of the application will be to accept the End-User Terms and Conditions of KOEΦ. If the application is completed by someone other than you – on your behalf, make sure that you have authorized such action as, the person representing you will be asked at the end of the application to accept,on your behalf,the Terms and Conditions set by ΚΟΕΦfor End-Users. The relevant document with the Terms and Conditions for End-Users connecting to the CyMVS is available for review and download by following the link here

The term “End User” which is used means, any Pharmacy, Hospital Pharmacy, Wholesaler or other organization connected to the CyMVS for the purpose of managing the unique codes of prescription drug packages as defined in EU Regulation 2016/161.

Before you begin completing the online application, make sure you have available all the necessary information, such as:

  • Details of your business such as registered name, and location, including, where applicable, the Pharmacy Registration Number or the Wholesaler’s License Number,
  • VAT number of your business,
  • Name and Surname of the System User,
  • Name of the provider of the verification software (IT Supplier)

The name of your software provider must be selected from the drop list when completing the online application. If you have not yet decided which system you will be using to connect to CyMVS, you will need to postpone your registration until you have this information available.

During the registration process, you will be prompted to set up an account for a System User. The email specified will be used to convey the information required for the technical supervision of the System User, upon completion of the registration. More details on the role of the System User are available in the online completion guide. It is very important for the System User to often check his / her email as, this email address will be the used for communication between your business and ΚΟΕΦ.

If you are facing difficulties in using the online registration application, please contact us by email at general@koef.org.cyWe can provide you with a paper registration application to complete by handin case you are unable to fulfill the online registration.

Privacy Policy

Please note that personal data provided through this electronic application will be processed in accordance with our privacy policy. Specific details will be shared with Solidsoft Reply Limited (responsible for developing the CyMVS) so as to provide you with the necessary technical information to connect your system to CyMVS. To see ΚΟΕΦ’sPrivacy Policy, follow the link here

End – User Online Registration Application

To Register a Pharmacy, a Hospital Pharmacy, or a Wholesaler with the Cyprus Medicines Verification System (CyMVS), click on the online registration link here so as to access our online application. Please fill in all required information in English. Also note that, registering a Pharmacy or a Wholesaler on our system is Free of Charge.

It is very important to read the notes provided before starting to complete the online application form. If you do not complete the requested information, your application will be rejected and you will have to resubmit it.

Finalizing you registration process

Within 10 days from submitting your Online registration Application you will receive an email with an invitation to connect to the CyMVS. You will have to carefully follow the instructions which are available here.